My Window Is Foggy

Have you noticed moisture (aka fogginess) in between both panes of glass in your window?  The chances are nearly 100% that your window glass unit has experienced seal failure.  Major issue?  Absolutely NOT!  A very, very minor problem with an easy fix? Absolutely YES!  Here are the next steps to take:

  1. Has this issue arisen within one-year of installation of this window?  If so, please contact Alside at (859) 258-2417, and they will take care of this issue for you.  If this issue has arisen after one-year, please keep reading.
  2. Unlock this window, and pull/slide down the top sash as far as you can.  Up inside the top track of the window, you’ll notice a label with numbers on it.  Using your cell phone (or a pen and paper if you feel so inclined), take a picture of this label.
  3. Call: (800) 489-1144 and provide them with the information on this label.
  4. Alside will manufacture and send out a new replacement sash at NO CHARGE to you.
  5. One you receive the new sash in the mail, please click the following YouTube link for instructions on how to replace this sash.  It’s incredibly easy — don’t be daunted!  If you have issues performing this task, then please give Green Gables a call.