My Window Won’t Operate Properly

Is your window not moving up and down properly (or at all)?  It’s quite likely that your sash has come out of it’s boot, and that the window balance on one side of the window is out of alignment (if not laying at the bottom of the chimney sweep).  This happens when a the pivot bar in the bottom-side corner of the window sash comes up-and-out of the metal U-shaped boot that it’s usually resting in.  Occasionally, the balance inside the side/chimney sweep of the window will end up at the very bottom.  If this is the case, lift and remove the sash, and set that to the side.  Then, simply take a flat-head screwdriver, lay it down into the U-shaped metal boot (which should be facing up), and turn clockwise slowly while pushing down with some degree of pressure.  You’ll soon feel the coil balance want to rise in the chimney sweep.  Slowly allow that balance to rise until it’s roughly the same as the balance on the opposite side of the window.  Once at this more-level position, turn the U-shaped boot back counter-clockwise until that boot is again facing up.

You may now set aside the screwdriver, and place the sash back in the window (feed the pivot pins into the open chimney sweeps, slowly lower the sash (parallel to the floor) until you notice the pivot pins are both resting at the bottom of their respective metal boots.  Then, slowly lower the sash, and then raise it back up and push it closed (you’ll hear a click once the sash is back in it’s track).

The video below should prove helpful (this gentleman is not affiliated with Green Gables!):