Why Choose Green Gables? Here’s why…


Why should you consider affording Green Gables Windows & Doors an opportunity to earn your business?  Here are some important and unique advantages to consider:

  • Work directly with the owner (me) throughout the process (not a receptionist, then the salesperson, then the factory, then the receptionist again, then the installation foreman, then maybe the owner, and then the salesperson again).
  • Competitive pricing (I don’t have a showroom, therefore, I don’t have nearly the overhead that most of my competitors have), and a window to fit nearly every budget.  Beyond that, I won’t play any pricing games or pull any bait-and-switch tomfoolery that folks have come to expect from the bigger window and door outlets in the marketplace today.  Again, I want to make this process pain-free and easy for you — so enough with that old-school sales madness!
  • Factory-certified installation crews on every installation (very, very few companies can offer this)!  Don’t “roll the dice” with just any sub-contracting crew, or with a company that uses their salesperson’s measurements to order your windows or doors.  We won’t send “Chuck and his truck” or “Stan and his van” out to your home to haphazardly measure and/or install your windows or doors.  You will get a seasoned crew of master installers that have been 100% certified by the manufacturer of the products you’re investing in.  Not only will they install the products, but they will also perform an in-home factory measure just prior to sending the measurements up to the factory in Ohio for manufacturing.  Speaking from the view of business owner, it takes a HUGE weight off my shoulders when I know that my customers are getting the best installations possible, and that the products have been measured properly.  Then, all that’s left will be a quality installation — and then the benefits of your investment officially kick-in!
  • Local, family-owned — you matter to us!  I’ve worked for a company with a nationwide footprint, and I’ve worked for local companies with only a handful of employees.  I’m certain that you’re more likely to get a satisfactory experience when working with the right local company.  Despite my best efforts to stay involved, it’s very easy for a customer of a large company to feel like they’re “just a number”.
  • Flexible methods of payment.  From CA$H, to CREDIT CARD, to PayPal, to (18) or (24)-MONTHS NO INTEREST FINANCING, to 5.99% APR Until Paid In Full (usually in less than five years) we have you covered.  Want to put $1,000 down on a rewards-based credit card, and then write a check for the balance?  You got it! Maybe put $1,000 down by way of a cashier’s check, and go (18) months NI for the remaining $3,000?  Sure thing!  (this is where I must make the disclaimer that credit card payments do come with a slight additional service charge — I simply and only charge what the credit card company charges me).  Note:  Diner’s Club cards are no longer being accepted.  🙂